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Alex Torres Canety

How would I like my parents or grandparents to be treated?

This is a question we often ask ourselves at TB Senior Solutions because it is very unfortunate that a great portion of the senior population struggles every day. Hunger, homelessness, loneliness, sickness that could be avoided and sadly much more. 

In 2008 my life pivoted and I started a new career as a Medicare insurance agent. I learn a lot, not only about the insurance side but also about the struggles and issues that the seniors go through in the community. I could understand now the struggles my parents would go through with their medical bills and all other bills sometimes due to having to choose electric, food or medications sometimes. 

Sadly my mom passed away in 2015 at 65 years young. She was in the unfortunate group that their social security retirement income barely gave her enough to live month to month. With a little bit of my help she was at least able to pay her bills and indulge in a few of her favorite things like going to the movies once a month. But I could only help so much at that time. Access to good quality healthy food was prohibited due to cost among other things that would have likely better her health.

Years later I found myself lucky to be able to start this little business called TB Senior Solutions. Working alongside with many like minded agents and businesses to increase our impact in the community. We believe every little help counts. We firmly stand by the believe that our seniors deserve better. And we will do all we can to help you or your loved ones, with care, compassion and understanding. Because that is always the way we want our families to be treated. 

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